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Building Performance Solutions was started in 2005 because there was a need in our industry to provide building professionals with practical and real world advice on how to design and build high performing homes. BPS knows how buildings work and has a proven track record of providing advice, guidance and instruction to building professionals across the US and Canada. The building environment is changing. Clients want safe, quality homes that are energy efficient and designed to last. BPS can help you navigate the challenges of creating these types of buildings by outlining the path to building better buildings while still keeping costs in check. Our hands-on approach in the field, custom training curriculums and presentations will help guide you and your team from design through production. Our testing service enables the critical feedback to measure your success or identify building improvements. Our services are available for all areas of the building industry from manufacturer to designer, sub- contractor to homeowner. We work with projects of all sizes from affordable to production to custom homes. Our goal is simply to help guide you from design through implementation to build better homes.


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Ci is a free downloadable App developed by Justin Wilson, Mark LaLiberte and Gord Cooke. This app provides builders, contractors, remodelers, architects and others instant and reliable information on a range of building products and installation methods. Visit the construction instruction site.

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